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Our corporate headquarters is located at:

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11211 G Avenue
Hesperia, California 92345
(800) 969-3356


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Welcome to Goodspeed

The Goodspeed companies have been dedicated to serving your petroleum products and transportation needs for three generations dating back over a 70 years.

Goodspeed Distributing Co., Inc. offers a full line of wholesale and retail motor fuels, lubricating oils, racing products, chemicals, and petroleum handling equipment.

Goodspeed Auto-Fuel Systems, Inc. is a commercial fueling service affiliated with CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) - FleetWide with over 40,000 locations nationwide. For local site locations and links to the CFN - FleetWide Network sites, check the FleetWide Location Finder.

Goodspeed Tank Lines, Inc. is a interstate carrier of bulk petroleum products serving the southern areas of California, Nevada, and Arizona. For more carrier information, please send a request

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Hours of Operation

Corp Auto Fuels Lubricant/Racing Tank Lines
Mon.- Fri. 8:AM - 5:PM
Mon.- Fri. 8:AM - 5:PM
Mon.- Fri. 7:AM - 5:PM
Mon.- Fri. 8:AM - 5:PM
Sat. 8:AM - 12:PM